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Maximize the earnings of your mobile and desktop traffic with our ad network. Our platform gives you a great overview of your traffic and earnings. It’s easy for you to set up and get started to offer your audience engaging advertising that bring you profit.

Ad Formats

Empireclix offers an efficient monetization opportunity for publishers. With relevant and targeted ads, publishers can generate revenue based on user traffic and engagement, maximizing their earning potential.


We provide fast and easy integrations with our publisher’s website and software. Our technology is optimized to be easy to use and simple to implement.


Reliable and detailed reports received in real time allow you to see important information in a blink of an eye. Our stats give you a clear vision of the status of your ad zones and how successful they are performing.


Automated campaigns. Let our software do the magic while you can focus on the next breakthrough idea for your business.

Benefits of Empireclix

By working with Empireclix, publishers can enjoy numerous benefits, including access to a network of expert advertisers, revenue growth, optimization tools, technical support, customer service, privacy, security, and the company’s industry expertise. These benefits make Empireclix an attractive option for publishers who are looking to maximize the monetization of their websites.

Monetizing Websites

Empireclix provides monetization solutions for publishers, allowing them to monetize their sites by displaying relevant ads. This option provides an additional source of revenue based on traffic and user interactions.

Targeted, Relevant Ads

The company offers highly relevant and targeted ads, ensuring that they are shown to the right audience. Based on criteria such as geographic location, language, device, age, gender and interests, ads are targeted to maximize relevance.

Revenue Optimization Tools

We aim to maximize publishers' revenue by optimizing existing revenue sources. According to available resources, optimizing revenue sources is an attractive focus area that helps to maximize publishers' CPM (revenue per thousand impressions).

Customer Service

The company offers dedicated technical support and customer service to assist publishers with their needs. Whether resolving technical issues, answering questions, or providing strategic guidance, the support team is ready to help.

Who is Empireclix Adnetwork?

Empireclix ad network is a specialized advertising company with expertise in technology for user experience and profitable advertising revenue. We are part of the Media Impact Group, which focuses on developing advanced marketing solutions to improve the overall advertising experience for clients, publishers and advertisers.

Our mission is to create a better advertising ecosystem for all parties and to respect each user’s data information based on local rules.

We deliver every month to millions of users relevant advertising products for multiple product verticals with maximum efficiency. 

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